The Abstract painting is enigmatic

The abstract painting is enigmatic, and from this emerges the difficulties of its understanding.

The abstract painter expresses his subjectivity,recovering inside of himself authentic values that he no longer finds in the world.The abstract painting dnies reality and it is built starting from the imagination.And imagination is first of all the ability to deform the images supplied by perception;above al lis the ability to free us of the first images, to change the images.To imagine is to absent oneself;it is rush to a new life.And to know Gustavo´s work is exactly to rush to the new.

The intimacy of the construction of its textures,pigments,colours,takes us to a posible world,to a space that can shelter all fantasies.Because the imagination, when entering in the coded world of language,can turn into art.Art and the art that Gustavo build speaks to us of this space,of its own highways, of its secret crossroads and it opens the registry of its losdt fields and reveals to us a dreamy spiritual and poetic world.

His images are not under the domain of things, of reality,nor either under the pulse of the unconscious.The float,they fly,immersed in an atmosphere of feedom.A silent freedom.In a Time that nothing presses, a time that the paper itself tkes to drink the ink and return to our eyes a newimage. A time of management of dreams, a time that fills human desires,an opening to a beautiful world,to beautiful worlds.His work arrives as pure expression of sensibility.

Gustavo da Liña since childhood places himself in a movemente,living beyond frontiers.He lived between Urugua and Brazil.TOday between Germany and other countries.Went look for this support,the paper, in Madagascar,made by Antaimoros,people of arab origin, who are developing the arte of making paper for 800 years.His pigments comes from Mexico,from the indigenous communities.The light that his images reflects is Brazilian,that he himself comes to drink every year.Gustavo simultaneously in art and life,provoques,produces energy that moves in space-time without borders in the one and only quest of desire.



Angela Almedia, 2001.

Director of NAC UFRN.