Dalinha Statement.

  1. To be an Artist is to serve as a channel for manifestations of a higher order, inherent and intrinsic to Art.

  2. Experimentation and observation, together with the exercise of attention, deepen the work.

  3. The Artistic Exercise, that is, practicing and exercising Art, can contribute to creating an inner center of gravity, which is essential so as not to be at the mercy of external impulses and influences.

  4. The path of Art enables the search for Essence.

  5. The exercise of Art, as an exercise of creation, is the search for the Creator and a path to meet Him.

  6. Colours are food because they come with visual impressions.

  7. Shapes are inter-dimensional transport vehicles, anchored in the present.

  8. The textures, structures and three-dimensional aspects resulting from the works act as interlocutors and create the “body-work” promoting a dialogue with the observer.

  9. Sensory perception of colours can produce flavours in the mouth.

  10. The superposition of layers of paper in the Collages works like patches on an epithelium that time has tanned and marked. The application of colour on them, unites them and frees them; it heals them.

  11. The physical movement resulting from the action fixes the physical body in the present time. For this reason, it is through my body, which serves as a vehicle and a channel, that the present is reflected in my work.

  12. Time prevents us from perceiving that everything is interconnected.

  13. When the limits stop being limits, everything integrates and becomes a totality.

  14. The certainty of the existence of things that cannot be seen and that are beyond the reality perceptible to our five senses, drives my search and has inspired me from my early childhood.

  15. Only by recognizing and being aware of the objective and subjective, concrete and abstract limits, the possibility of transcending them and making them disappear is created.

  16. Recognizing and realizing that everything is ephemeral is not easy, and this makes it difficult to distinguish what is real and essential from appearances and illusion.

  17. Considering the existence of God determines another way of acting and living, regardless of any given Religion.

  18. There is no consciousness without waking up, and to wake up you have to realize that we are asleep.

  19. Self-knowledge enables spiritual growth.

  20. The more impersonal, the closer to the essence.

  21. Emotions and thoughts oscillate between the past and the future. Only the body and the bodily sensations experienced in the body are in the present. To perceive it, you have to awaken it.

  22. There is no discernment without emotional intelligence.

  23. Without efforts, results are not achieved.

  24. I am always lost when I find myself.

  25. I experienced violence when having to ask permission to live in a country. Being considered a foreigner presupposes inequality of rights as a human being.



Gustavo Dalinha